Charles E. Turnbow's Slip and Fall Notebook


        This website is a collection of book and equipment reviews, articles on changes in both the law and technology, photographs and commentary on personal injury and premises liability litigation.  The material here actually supplements my other website,  Occasionally, there will be notes, comments or articles which will eventually be expanded into one of the annual supplements to Slip and Fall Practice.  Browse around and sample some of the stuff I've accumulated in my 43 year practice as a safety expert and as an attorney.  Just find a topic and click on it.  If you get bored, come visit the ranch at and enjoy some of the western hospitality that made Arizona famous.

Book Reviews:

        Slip and Fall Practice by Charles E. Turnbow, JD, PE, DABFET

           The Staircase, by John Templer, PhD

            Human Walking, edited by Jessica Rose & James Gamble

            Time Saver Standards for Landscape Architects by Charles Harris & Nicholas Dines

            Guidelines for Stair Safety by John Archea, Belinda Collins & Fred Stahl

Legal Stuff

          New case law regarding duty and notice

            Admissibility of OSHA regulations in third party cases

            Impact of changes in the evidence code

            Problems with the progeny of Daubert

Equipment and Tools

           Slip Resistance Measurement with the English XL

               Digital Cameras



New Technology

            American National Standards Institute A1264.2-01




            3D Animation of foot movement and forces

                X-ray animation of heel impact

                Safety and Legal Links

                Expert Witness


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